The Lovely Language of Northern Ireland.
Well, it took me a while to get used to it.
Here are some tips!
Check out my Ulster Words of the Week!

Some commonly used words & phrases.. (and their meanings!)


Situations in Conversations...(to help the confusion!)

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As I write all of these things, I feel a bit bad, as they seem very cliché and stereo-typical, and the examples aren't the best. But, they are just examples! So please don't write in to me and say that people in N.I. talk about far more intelligent and interesting things that chocolate, stupidity, tea, and rain. but, I suppose it wouldn't be much better if you wrote in to say that you agreed with what I've written!

 Anyway..back to the subject......
And to the most important parts of our lesson!



The 101 ways to say you're drunk... (well..not literally)

Here are some examples of BOOKS on the language of Northern Ireland.
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