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Ulster Words of the Week!

I will try my best to add three different words a week!
These examples are taken from the Concise Ulster Dictionary.
NOTE: Most of these words are not used in everyday language and some are not really used at all!
25/09/98  deave, deeve verb 1 deafen, stun with noise; bewilder.
                2 worry, bother e.g. I would not deave my head with such nonsense.
                3 deaden (pain)
                #deaved bored (with talk)
                #deavesome deafening
                #deaving deafening
                [Scots and Northern english, from Old English adeafian "to become deaf".
                See also DAVER.]

                eebroo noun eyebrow

                faratee noun 1 man of the house. 2 the master of ceremonies.
                3 sarcastic applied to a woman speaking out with authority in a normally
                male-dominated situation.
                [Ulster Irish fear an toighe (Standard Irish fear an ti). Cf. BANATI.]

19/09/98  arasiplas  noun a disease: erysipelas.
             brianoge, brinoge noun 1 an idle play-boy; a fun-loving young man; a dashing
                young man 2 a fool
                [Irish brin og "a fun-loving bachelor".]
             cangle verb quarrel, argue, bicker
                [Scots; apparently of Scandinavian origin, Norwegian kjangle]