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Photos in and around Belfast.....
Picture Links
  • Conflict and Murals: The Irish Case

  • Political Wall Murals in Northern Ireland

  • More Murals!

  • Northern Ireland Tourist Board
  • This next link is one of the best photo links I have ever seen. The set-up is great, as it is a search engine, and very extensive at that!  

  • Image Ireland 

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  • Ireland's Photographic Magazine 

    Eventually, I will add more links and photos. Please be patient..
    If you know of any sites with photos of N. Ireland, please E-mail me.

    Belfast City Hall
    Robinson and Cleaver Building, City Centre 
    Royal Avenue, City Centre 
    Castle Street
    St. Anne's Cathedral
    Winter in the Belfast Hills 
    Black Mountain 
    Cave Hill, Over-looking the City 
    The Glens of Antrim
    Glens Image #2
    The Antrim Coast, With a View of Scotland
    Coast Image #2
    Coast Image #3
    Coast Image #4
    The Antrim Countryside
    Milltown Cemetary
    Mural Off the Falls Road
    Mural #2
    Robinson's Bars
    Crown Bar
    View Across the River Lagan into Belfast
    Another Lagan view
    View of the Europa through city streets
    Bittles, City Centre
    Backstreet Alley
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