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You have found The Ultimate Belfast Page questionnaire!

        Hopefully you would have already had a look through the web page and found lots of good information. I have spent many many weeks trying to get together the info to make it and have decided to take it a step further. When I travel I like to find out as much about the place in which I am going as possible. I'm sure that many of you feel the same.
        I am currently getting information and photographs together to write a guide book called The Real Guide to the Real Belfast. I have tried to find good guides, and there are a few, but they never really tell you everything that you want to know. They don't tell you what the REAL culture is like, what the locals do, where to find things,and how to get along in a completely different society. Many books try to glamorize things and I personally am disappointed with that. No-one I know has ever set foot in many of the so-called popular places and most people don't care if a pub is named after a really-obscure-practically- unknown actor. Is the atmosphere good, the drink cheap, the place accessible, the music nice? These are the things I would want to know. These are the things most guide books don't tell you.
        The point of view in the book is (mine obviously!) from someone who does not come from N.I. (American) but has lived here for a while (more than a year.) I want to tell people what the real Belfast is like, the best way to get here, the best way to get around, what's in it for students, which pubs are the nicest, which places give you the best deals, etc..

Now for the questions.

If you are planning to come to Belfast in the near future or just want to know something about it and wish to get a reply from me with the info, just specify YES or NO when you reach the Do you wish to get a reply? line. I'll be happy to help. Please specify which things you want to know about in the comments box.

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